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Cloud Security Assessment

The CrowdStrike® Cloud Security Assessment provides actionable insights into security misconfigurations and deviations from recommended cloud security architecture to help clients prevent, detect, and recover from breaches..

The Challenge

Cloud computing offers many new possibilities and efficiencies for organizations as they migrate their applications to the cloud, both public and private. However, innovation and reliance on the cloud brings with it risks and security challenges:

Weak Cloud Settings

Weak Cloud Settings

Hackers constantly try to exploit weak cloud configuration settings.

Common Cloud Misconfigurations

Common Cloud Misconfigurations

Common cloud misconfigurations continue to be the root cause of many security breaches.

Too Many Permissions

Too Many Permissions

Account privileges with too many permissions and a lack of multifactor authentication undermine security.

Inadequate Logging

Inadequate Logging

Most cloud environments do not have proper logging enabled, making malicious activities difficult to identify.

The Benefits of a Cloud Security Assessment

Review of Systems

Thorough analysis of individual cloud-based systems and assessment of your entire environment to determine the full scope of potential attacks

Analysis of infrastructure

Comprehensive analysis of internal and external components of your cloud-hosted infrastructure

Detailed Guidance

Identification of potential issues and detailed guidance on the best methods to mitigate and resolve them

Actionable recommendations

Specific, detailed recommendations to improve your overall cloud security posture to help prevent, detect, and rapidly recover from breaches

Experienced a Breach?

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What CrowdStrike Delivers

CrowdStrike Cloud Security Assessment tests and evaluates your cloud infrastructure to determine if the appropriate levels of security and governance have been implemented to counter inherent security challenges. The assessment identifies points of weakness and entry into the cloud infrastructure, looking for evidence of exploitation and outlining approaches to prevent future attacks.

Forensic Analysis

The team conducts an in-depth analysis of individual systems and the environment to determine the full scope of a potential attack. This includes determining the initial point of entry and root cause of potential attacks; identifying the full scope of system(s) targeted in an attack; understanding the type of data affected by the attack; providing recommendations to prevent any future attacks; and conducting ongoing monitoring and hunting.

Penetration Testing

In migrating to the cloud, the likelihood that new vulnerabilities and threats will be introduced into your infrastructure increases. Penetration testing checks the internal and external components of a cloud-hosted infrastructure, including discovering vulnerabilities and leveraging them to demonstrate what an attacker could do; and evaluating your ability to detect malicious activity within your cloud infrastructure.

Add-on Services

CrowdStrike also offers a substantial portfolio of services to help increase the security posture of your cloud infrastructure, document an effective response process and test your security against advanced threats in today’s evolving threat landscape. The following additional services may be worthy of consideration: Tabletop Exercise, Red Team Services and Playbook development.

Why CrowdStrike?

Skills and expertise

Skills and expertise

CrowdStrike Services comprises a team of security professionals drawn from intelligence, law enforcement and industry; architects and engineers from the world's best technology companies; and security consultants who have spearheaded some of the world's most challenging intrusion investigations.

Comprehensive methodology

Comprehensive methodology

The assessment focuses on six areas to identify security vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure, management and compliance: overall security posture, access control and management, incident management, data protection, network security, and risk management and compliance.

Market-leading technology

Market-leading technology

The Falcon® platform is a transformative cloud-native security solution, and in building it, CrowdStrike has mastered how to use and secure the cloud. Falcon is a powerful, cloud-native platform with the power and scale to detect and respond to potential attacks that leverage cloud services and applications.