In order to expedite the processing of all invoices and ensure prompt payment, please comply with the following CrowdStrike billing guidelines:

  • Use the Supplier Portal to create a profile and submit your invoices. Alternatively, please use the links provided in the Purchase Order email to convert the Purchase Order to invoice. As a last resort, invoices may be submitted via email to Please note that invoices emailed to employees to mailed directly to any of the CrowdStrike offices will not be forwarded to our Accounts Payable team for processing.
  • If invoices are emailed to, you must reference a valid CrowdStrike Purchase Order number. Invoices should be issued by the legal entity registered as a vendor with CrowdStrike. Additionally, the invoices need to be addressed to the CrowdStrike entity that issued the Purchase Order and must be issued for payment in the currency referenced on the Purchase Order. Do not send consolidated invoices that reference multiple Purchase Orders. It is your responsibility to secure a valid Purchase Order before providing Products or Services to any of the CrowdStrike entities or employees.
  • Invoices must reference an invoice number, invoice due date, ship date, or service billed period. The shipping address of all goods and/or services for CrowdStrike must be reflected on the invoice.
  • All shipping and handling charges, taxes (e.g. GST, VAT) and any additional fees must be listed on the invoice as a separate line item.
  • Contact for any discrepancies between the Purchase Order and invoice.
  • CrowdStrike will review invoices for payment for goods and services specified on valid Purchase Orders issued by CrowdStrike’s Global Procurement function. Any variations in quantity or price should be agreed prior to sending an invoice.
  • Any invoices with incorrect or missing information will be rejected for correction and may result in payment delays.
  • For any invoice inquiries, statements, and/or requests, please email
  • CrowdStrike standard Purchase Order terms and conditions may be found here.