Reduce Active Directory Security Risks

Why you should secure your active directory now

Ninety percent of organizations are dependent on Active Directory (AD)* and don’t realize it creates a massive attack surface.

With 80% of breaches involving stolen credentials**, adversaries can log in and move laterally with ease. As countless endpoints are authenticated by Microsoft Active Directory or Azure AD, securing Active Directory is critical in preventing breaches. Improving AD hygiene and maintenance is where you want to start. Having your security and identity and access management (IAM) teams in sync on a modern security approach will further strengthen your resilience, helping you ensure deprecated protocols are retired and modern security controls are in place to detect threats in real time.

Download this white paper and share it with your IAM teams to learn more about: 

  • The inherent security gaps and risks with Microsoft AD and Azure AD and why you can’t ignore them 
  • Why traditional AD security can’t keep pace with today’s adversaries 
  • How to improve AD hygiene to decrease identity-based attacks
  • What a unified platform can do to improve your overall security posture against modern threats


“With CrowdStrike, we’ve now got great visibility into Active Directory logs, traffic between machines, and that can be used to track common lateral techniques that we’re concerned about.”

– Steven Townsley
Head of Information Security
Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team

*Frost & Sullivan. Active Directory Hold the Keys to your Kingdom, but is it secure? March 20202
** CrowdStrike. Global Threat Report. 2022


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