CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence Recon
The world’s leading AI-powered platform for unified digital risk management

Prevent dark web threats that could compromise identities, steal sensitive data, and destroy your organization’s brand.

External threats are accelerating


Increase in dark web advertisements for stolen credentials

3 of 5

Intrusions used stolen or compromised credentials


Increase in adversaries conducting dark web data extortion

Why choose Falcon Intelligence Recon?

Gain visibility into cybercrime activities with real-time dark web monitoring that empowers security teams to discover and disrupt digital threats.

Detect and disrupt imminent threats

Safely monitor underground criminal forums, marketplaces, social media for imminent threats. Notify stakeholders via real-time alerts. Mitigate discovered exposed credentials manually or automatically via CrowdStrike Falcon® Identity Protection.

Safeguard your brand and reputation

Stop adversaries from impersonating your brand by discovering fraudulent domains or phishing emails. Submit discovered malicious domains to industry blocking lists. Warn marketing or legal teams to dispute ownership or take legal action against them.

Leverage CrowdStrike expertise

Cybersecurity skills and resources are scarce. Save time and resources with CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence Recon+, a managed service, and let CrowdStrike experts protect your business from digital threats.

Falcon Intelligence Recon by the numbers

Mitigate digital threats that matter before they become a problem.


Reduction in threat research time*


Vulnerabilities tracked

1+ M

Unique data sources

Falcon Intelligence Recon key capabilities


Track adversaries beyond the perimeter

  • Expose malicious activity within criminal forums, marketplaces, and underground communities.
  • Discover exposed data and credentials.
  • Uncover fraudulent domain registrations used to launch phishing attacks and deliver malicious content.

Identify & remediate digital threats

  • Leverage pre-built and custom rules for rapid analysis of relevant posts on underground forums that put your business at risk.
  • Instantly mitigate threats by forwarding exposed credentials to Falcon Identity Threat Protection.
  • Automate workflows via Falcon Fusion.

Situational awareness on the eCrime landscape

  • Threats activities come and go. Expand your understanding on where adversaries are active with our weekly cybercrime reports.
  • See trends across data leak sites, access broker activity, and vulnerability exploits to prioritize ways to reduce business risk.

Harden the threat surface more effectively

  • Use Falcon Intelligence Recon to prioritize your vulnerabilities by real-life observed exploit activities.
  • Get threat activity context on all publicly known CVEs. See related actors and threat research reports, and filter CVEs based upon exploit status, severity, and impacted products.

Expose the dark web:

How to identify external threats, protect your brand and mitigate risks.

Watch a demo

Expose the dark web:

How to identify external threats, protect your brand and mitigate risks.

Watch a demo

Falcon Intelligence Recon Offerings

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  • Cybercrime Reports tooltip
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Falcon® Intelligence Recon

Falcon® Intelligence Recon+

CrowdStrike Counter Adversary Operations

CrowdStrike is proud to announce the launch of Counter Adversary Operations, a newly formed, first-of-its kind security team that brings together CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence and the CrowdStrike® Falcon OverWatch℠ threat hunting team to form one unit with one mission: To stop breaches and raise the adversaries’ cost of doing business.

Falcon Encounter
hands-on lab

Learn how to search the hidden areas of the web.

Attend our hands-on lab

Falcon Encounter
hands-on lab

Learn how to search the hidden areas of the web.

Attend our hands-on lab

*Source: TechValidate survey of CrowdStrike Threat Intelligence Users