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Falcon for Financial Services

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"In my career, the deployment of CrowdStrike Falcon was perhaps the easiest global security technology rollout I've seen. By leveraging the technology's cloud architecture and CrowdStrike's expertise, we were able to deploy with incredible speed and efficacy. We realized the value immediately."

Roland Cloutier, CSO ADP

Financial Institutions: Cybercrime's Gold Mine

Despite pouring billions of dollars into security, financial institutions continue to be the number one target of cybercriminals.

The digital transformation undertaken by the financial services industry is contributing to this challenge. It has opened new doors for attackers, making customer data management and protection increasingly difficult. In addition, tighter regulatory compliance adds more pressure to already stretched financial services security teams.


Financial services is the #1 targeted industry in the world


Financial services companies must achieve compliance or risk heavy fines and loss of business

Frequent, Sophisticated and Persistent attacks

Financial institutions are required to protect customer data regardless of where it is located

Revolutionizing Financial Institutions' Endpoint Security

CrowdStrike® offers a new means of providing protection to financial institutions with a cloud-delivered solution that detects, prevents, and responds to targeted internal and external threats on any endpoint, while assisting financial institutions with key financial regulatory compliance requirements.

The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform has revolutionized endpoint protection for financial institutions — delivering and uniting endpoint security, security operations and threat intelligence via one lightweight agent. Falcon's purpose-built cloud architecture collects and correlates more than 1 trillion threats per week to stop breaches in real time — enabling better protection, better performance, and immediate time-to-value.

CrowdStrike Secures Global 1000 Payment Processor


Over 60,000 endpoints and 15,000 servers spread across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms


Real-time endpoint protection and visibility were requiring labor intensive security operations


Intelligent, automated protection and detection enhanced by Falcon OverWatch™ hunters streamlined event management, while Falcon Insight™ provides real-time visibility into all endpoint environments


Protection against advanced attacks augmented by proactive hunting

Scalability that ensures deployment without disruption

Operational efficiency and immediate time-to-value

CrowdStrike Protects a Fortune 100 Bank


Over 300,000 endpoints deployed globally


Multiple security solutions in place resulting in complex security operations, incomplete protection and lack of visibility


The Falcon platform transforms prevention, detection, and response capabilities with integrated proactive threat hunting and artificial intelligence


Falcon OverWatch identifies new and emerging threats

Real-time advanced prevention and detection is extended across the entire endpoint environment

Infinite scalability ensures deployment across hundreds of thousands of endpoints with minimal impact



Key Benefits: Comprehensive, Scalable, and Compliant Endpoint Protection for Financial Institutions

The CrowdStrike Falcon platform enables comprehensive endpoint protection that assists with compliance obligations and scales to meet the needs of your organization.

Comprehensive Endpoint Security with Immediate Time-to-Value

The Falcon platform delivers comprehensive endpoint protection that extends beyond compliance support to offer streamlined operation and minimal system footprint with unrivaled protection, visibility, detection, and response.

Financial Regulation Compliance Support

Falcon is certified to assist Financial Institutions with key PCI, FFIEC and NIST requirements, including malware defense, cardholder data access, security monitoring and security system test.

Maximum Protection Spanning All Environments

Falcon meets the challenge of your digital transformation with a SaaS solution that protects across all environments and endpoints, whether on-premises, virtual or hybrid cloud.

Regulatory Compliance Assistance

Regulatory compliance continues to drive financial institutions’ security frameworks — with non-compliance resulting in security risks and financial penalties. CrowdStrike assists organizations with regulatory compliance, aligning with the PCI, NIST and FFIEC compliance frameworks.



"CrowdStrike is helping me shorten that time from breach to detection. The sooner that I can detect it, the sooner I can take action."

Bruce Phillips, SVP and CISO Williston Financial Group

Augment your Security Team with CrowdStrike Services

CrowdStrike proactive services enhances your security team’s incident preparation and response capabilities. Financial services institutions can rely on CrowdStrike Services to:

Respond to a breach immediately and stop critical data exfiltration

Assess and improve your organization’s security posture

Prepare your defense against advanced attacks proactively


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