Inside The Takedown Of ZOMBIE SPIDER And The Kelihos Botnet

Inside the Takedown of ZOMBIE SPIDER and the Kelihos Botnet

This figure shows a snapshot of systems infected with Kelihos communicating with the sinkhole created to disable it. The arrest…

Securing The Mac-Based Organization

Securing the Mac-Based Organization

Though PCs still dominate the workplace, Macs continue to gain ground as the platform of choice for many organizations. As…

W-2 Phishing Scam Adds A New Twist To Wire Transfer Fraud

W-2 Phishing Scam Adds a New Twist to Wire Transfer Fraud

Organizations have long been aware of their vulnerability when it comes to email and yet phishing scams continue to be…

IDC MarketScape Names CrowdStrike Falcon® A “Leader” For Endpoint STAP

IDC MarketScape Names CrowdStrike Falcon® a “Leader” for Endpoint STAP

The IDC MarketScape vendor analysis model is designed to provide an overview of the competitive fitness of information and communications…

How To Manage Policies In CrowdStrike Falcon

How to Manage Policies in CrowdStrike Falcon

Introduction This post will cover some basic steps and concepts of managing policies in the Falcon Platform.  It is often…

How Falcon And The “Power Of One” Eliminate System Tray Bloat [VIDEO]

How Falcon and the “Power of One” Eliminate System Tray Bloat [VIDEO]

A big concern for today’s IT executives is how to protect endpoints while avoiding “system tray bloat,” the condition that…

Understanding Indicators Of Attack (IOAs): The Power Of Event Stream Processing In CrowdStrike Falcon

Understanding Indicators of Attack (IOAs): The Power of Event Stream Processing in CrowdStrike Falcon

Event Stream Processing (ESP) has been a central component of CrowdStrike Falcon’s IOA approach since CrowdStrike's inception.  In this post…

CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence Receives SC Magazine Highest Recommendation And Rating

CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence Receives SC Magazine Highest Recommendation and Rating

CrowdStrike Falcon™ Intelligence, powered by the CrowdStrike Global Intelligence Team, received top honors from SC Magazine with the highest possible rating…

The Economics Of Ransomware: How SCADA/ICS Changes The Equation

The Economics of Ransomware: How SCADA/ICS Changes the Equation

Recent reports of SCADA/ICS proof-of-concept ransomware have spurred fresh discussion on the topic. Few threats exceed the level of concern…

Dark Reading: Why Ransomware Continues To Be A Serious Threat

Dark Reading: Why Ransomware Continues to Be a Serious Threat

A recent article on, titled “4 Reasons Why You Should Take Ransomware Seriously,” outlines the persistence of ransomware as…


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