Application Hygiene for a Remote Workforce


Many organizations around the globe are developing a “new normal” – striving to maintain the same productivity while utilizing employees in work-from-home environments. At the same time, application usage has increased exponentially. How can security teams keep a distributed, remote organization safe as their usage of common work applications increases? The first line of defense is relying on IT hygiene best practices, zeroing in on application monitoring.


Managing Application Usage is More Important than Ever

Immediate challenges abound with so many employees using their devices to access numerous applications remotely. Security teams need comprehensive and real-time visibility into what apps are being used, by who, and on what devices. Without that information, IT staff face a number of complex situations, all of which put their organization’s network at risk:

  • Vendors could have unpatched security issues in their apps.
  • Employees could install applications not within your organization’s policies.
  • Applications could be old or out-of-date. 

To maintain a strong security posture, IT hygiene standards must be maintained, especially with a remote workforce. The ability to see all applications being used within your organization while pivoting quickly to narrow in on specific hosts for investigation or remediation is also crucial in protecting your environment.


CrowdStrike’s cloud-native Falcon platform gives your team the immediate visibility to manage and monitor application usage, while also providing the tools to pinpoint at-risk applications and hosts. 

The Falcon agent is always-on and lightweight. It won’t disrupt business productivity, and provides continuous access to host events regardless of location. With the Falcon Discover module, that visibility includes device, application and account monitoring capabilities. Details about outdated or unapproved applications are at your fingertips with Falcon Discover.


Get immediate time to value, extend your visibility and protect your organization regardless of physical location. Try CrowdStrike’s Falcon platform for free:

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