CrowdStrike Falcon® Firewall Management
The world’s leading AI-native platform for unified host firewall control

Easily create and enforce host firewall policies with one agent.

Why Falcon Firewall Management?

Easy to manage

Create, manage and enforce your firewall policies with a simple, centralized approach

Reduced complexity

Delivered via the lightweight CrowdStrike Falcon® agent, it deploys and is operational in minutes.

Better protection

Defend against network threats, and gain instant visibility to enhance protection and inform action.

Product features

Discover what Falcon Firewall Management can do for you

Simple firewall policy management

  • Easily create, enforce and maintain firewall rules and policies across your Windows and macOS environments
  • Build new policies based on templates — start with an empty policy, your template or a CrowdStrike template
  • Create a firewall rules group once and reuse it in multiple policies
  • Quickly propagate changes to the appropriate policies

Reduced complexity

  • Use the same lightweight Falcon agent, management console, and cloud-native architecture to simplify operations
  • Deploys in minutes without requiring reboots, fine-tuning or complex configuration
  • Eliminate host impact, from installation through ongoing use
  • Streamline workflows across endpoint security controls for both endpoint protection and host firewall management

Instant visibility

  • Monitor your network automatically — identify and view specific activities, potential threats and network anomalies
  • Get a full picture in a glance — monitor your firewall policies and critical configurations directly from the activity page
  • Enhance your security with application and location-aware firewall policies with ultra-precise control

Logging, troubleshooting and compliance

  • Troubleshoot quickly with granular control and visibility
  • Easily activate and deactivate a single rule, a group of rules, or an entire policy with ease
  • Audit all firewall rules — see what changed, who did it and when it happened
  • Use role-based access control to ensure that only the appropriate administrators view and manage firewall rules

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It starts with better technology and expertise. It ends with better protection. CrowdStrike’s cloud native platform and single lightweight agent provide the flexibility and visibility others can’t match. Add in our 24/7 threat hunters and world class intelligence and you get an unrivaled solution. See why we lead, and they follow.