CrowdStrike Falcon®
Complete LogScale

Dedicated expertise and strategic guidance for log management and observability programs based on a scalable platform and modern architecture.

Why Choose Falcon Complete LogScale?

Modern log management, industry-leading expertise

Log management is an essential process for every organization. Yet, this realization often sets in only after a harmful security incident occurs or an investigation is unsuccessful.

Falcon Complete LogScale gives organizations personalized log management expertise to answer their most pressing questions and provide valuable insights from their log data in real time.

Real-time data visibility and insights

Without full visibility into logs and event data, organizations rely on guesswork to perform investigations and hunt down adversaries moving inside their networks.

Falcon Complete LogScale gives customers valuable insights from their log data via powerful, flexible and customizable dashboards and workflows we set up for you. This heightened visibility can help you spot potential threats and investigate issues that may seem suspicious.

Enhanced observability at speed and scale

Legacy log management platforms make it cost prohibitive to ingest data at scale, forcing organizations to pick and choose which data they store.

Falcon Complete LogScale enables organizations to ingest, aggregate and analyze massive volumes of streaming log data from a wide array of sources at petabyte scale.

How Falcon Complete LogScale Works

Achieve real-time data visibility and insights

Falcon Complete LogScale customers gain valuable insights from their log data via powerful, flexible, and customizable dashboards and workflows we set up for them. The service aggregates, alerts and visualizes streaming data in real time to provide data visibility for a wide range of use cases.

1-24-7 monitoring

Insight delivered at speed and scale

Falcon Complete LogScale enables live streaming observability via sub-second search latency. And because of LogScale’s index-free architecture, we can ingest 1+PB of log data per day, allowing virtually any business to visualize data, carry out investigations and collaborate using all their data.

Expert guidance

Expert guidance

We contextualize your data to help you make better decisions:

  • Custom content and parsers based on desired business outcomes
  • Correlated log sources and continuous guidance on how to operationalize log data
  • Better insights based on CrowdStrike expertise and log management best practices

Extend your team

CrowdStrike’s team of log management and observability experts provides deep and continuous analysis to help you drive key business outcomes. The Falcon Complete LogScale team augments DevOps, ITOps and SecOps teams to deliver a range of quantifiable benefits.

  • Expertise to ensure platform availability and data fidelity
  • Reduced operational costs associated with building internal teams
  • Reduced time from onboarding to full-scale data ingestion via a dedicated advisor
  • Faster time to value via simple workflows and expert assistance

Powered by the Falcon LogScale Platform

  • Highly scalable platform; 1PB per day
  • Fast free-text search with no indexing
  • Real-time search and visualization
  • Sub-second latency
  • Shared live dashboards
  • Flexible ingestion methods
  • Intuitive and easy to use
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