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CrowdStrike’s open ecosystem allows partners to build value-add solutions on the leading cloud endpoint protection platform. Partners are able to leverage technology and marketing benefits focused on building a successful partnership.

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Integrations Drive Innovation

The CrowdStrike® Technology Partner Program is a powerful way for cybersecurity companies to innovate. Technology partners leverage CrowdStrike’s robust ecosystem to build best-in-class integrations for customers.


CrowdStrike’s integrations solve security issues for customers while maximizing the value of CrowdStrike best-in-breed partners and the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform.

Competitive Advantage

Expand your reach by integrating with the market-leading endpoint protection solution to satisfy customers' mission-critical needs while maximizing their crucial security investments.

Market Expansion

CrowdStrike is focused on fostering partnerships that last by building strong relationships with partners that are innovating on the front lines of cybersecurity.


Leverage CrowdStrike's Falcon platform, built to be agile and 100% cloud focused, powered by AI that ingests large volumes of high quality data.

Technology Partners

Cloud, Network & Infrastructure
Threat Intelligence

Transform your security stacks by making your security services interoperable. This integration securely makes the transition to the cloud faster, easier and more manageable to strengthen security protection, detection and remediation.

Ensure users are only accessing corporate resources on secure and compliant devices. Create a comprehensive risk profile of an individual login attempt to make the appropriate contextual responses to an access request.

This integration helps you stay ahead of attackers with an innovative approach that detects, analyzes and blocks advanced threats before they reach your inbox, while offering real-time protection and visibility across the enterprise.

Together CrowdStrike and Netskope’s enhanced capabilities provide joint customers with increased real-time, actionable threat forensics and enhanced malware protection on endpoints and in the cloud.

The integration of CrowdStrike Falcon platform with Akamai’s Enterprise Application Access enables endpoint telemetry, including threat detections, from CrowdStrike to enrich existing context and deliver more intelligence for enhanced secure access to corporate applications.

Zero Trust integration will ensure that endpoint security posture assessment from CrowdStrike Falcon is leveraged on a continuous real-time basis to deliver robust user access to the most business-critical applications protected by Cloudflare.

ExtraHop brings complete network intelligence to the Falcon Platform with Network Detection & Response (NDR), Next-Gen IDS, and full-decryption forensics. Detect threats anywhere in the hybrid, multi-cloud enterprise, and stop breaches faster.

Combine best-of-breed NDR (network detection and response) with EDR (endpoint detection and response) for industry-leading intelligence and behavioral threat detection and automated response. Automatically triage and prioritize all detections based on the risk they pose, to significantly reduce SOC workload.

Through this partnership, customers’ endpoints are enriched by email and web data along with indicators of compromise, all of which are shared by both parties.

Combat endpoint and network threats targeting traditional and IoT devices. This enables joint threat hunting and automated incident response to help protect against data breaches, improves security hygiene and reduces mean time to respond.

Illusive Networks

Illusive Networks has joined forces with CrowdStrike to provide real-time threat detection at breach beachheads and instant isolation of compromised endpoints. Illusive deception technology provides high-fidelity alerts that CrowdStrike customers can leverage.

With Panther and CrowdStrike, teams can write custom real-time detections, perform high-scale security analytics and correlation, as well as store Falcon telemetry for long-term storage.

Reduce the risk of a breach through an integrated defensive strategy that takes advantage of both the Attivo TreatDefend platform and CrowdStrike Falcon endpoint protection. The joint solution provides early and accurate threat detection, coupled with the ability to quarantine an endpoint quickly.

Establish a behavioral baseline for normal activity that allows you to identify anomalies. This enables security teams to more efficiently detect, prioritize and investigate endpoint threats.

CrowdStrike Falcon on ServiceNow gives users the ability to integrate alert and detection data from the Falcon platform into their incident response process. Endpoint security events detected by CrowdStrike are sent to ServiceNow for centralized analysis, automated workflow and streamlined response. This enables security teams to quickly accelerate investigations and gain additional insight to perform remediation tasks before an incident results in a breach.

Splunk Enterprise Security provides security teams with a common interface for automating information retrieval, sharing and response in multi-vendor environments. Crowdstrike’s integration with AR enables the querying of the Falcon API to determine the number of devices on which a specific IOC has been seen.

CrowdStrike and Sumo Logic work together to identify security threats and defend against IOCs in a hybrid environment. Know which adversaries may be targeting your assets and organization via strategic, operational and technical reporting, and alerts.

CrowdStrike Falcon® endpoint protection and threat intelligence are used to view a wide range of incidents by importing CrowdStrike detections or indicators of compromise (IOCs) into IBM Resilient. This allows Resilient customers to automate their security playbooks by integrating with CrowdStrike APIs.

Enable correlation and automation activities by ingesting CrowdStrike alerts and logs into the Arcsight SIEM for more efficient threat detection and response.

DF Labs

Reduce dwell time and complexity with DF Lab’s SOAR platform, IncMan SOAR which leverages CrowdStrike’s endpoint information to automate incident enrichment, reduce triage/analysis time and containment.

LogRhythm and CrowdStrike are tightly integrated, combining the value of actionable threat intelligence with LogRhythm’s award winning Security Intelligence Platform. The combined offering empowers customers to identify and proactively defend against attacks and to prioritize resources based on accurate, highly contextualized security intelligence.


When integrated together, Securonix and CrowdStrike provide continuous breach prevention in a single agent and proactively detect virus, malware, ransomware, and other known and unknown threats. Securonix uses Crowdstrike’s Falcon API to gather real-time intelligence from your endpoints. This provides additional context used to assist threat detection and investigation. User behavior information is also used to enrich behavioral analysis.

The joint integration of the Swimlane SOAR and the CrowdStrike Falcon platform boosts enterprises’ response capabilities. In addition to allowing companies to investigate, interact and enforce response and remediation directly with the endpoint at machine-speed, the combined solution also improves collaboration across teams and allows for better tracking of incidents, indicators and responses in disparate tools.

Stop breaches and gain threat knowledge with the integrated solution from CrowdStrike and Anomali that automates the process for collecting, managing and integrating threat intelligence to provide security analysts the tools to respond to active threats.

Validate security controls at scale and in production with the AttackIQ integration. Security teams can consistently and safely test security controls agt scale in production across the entire kill chain as real-world adversaries do.

Gain visibility by leveraging endpoint data from CrowdStrike Intel to enable security teams to detect and attribute, prioritize and gain rich context about attacks to drive active cyber defense without impacting network performance.


Adopt an intelligence-led cybersecurity strategy with CrowdStrike and EclecticIQ. EclecticIQ Platform empowers threat analysts to perform faster, better, and deeper investigations using Falcon Host while disseminating Falcon Intelligence at machine-speed.

The IntSights + CrowdStrike integration enables mutual customers to gain critical threat knowledge and stop breaches. Security teams can easily discover, view, validate, and investigate IntSights Indicators Of Compromise (IOCs) from within a CrowdStrike device in the IntSights platform, streamlining the processes required for effective threat mitigation. Together, CrowdStrike and IntSights offer contextual threat intelligence and continuous endpoint protection.

King & Union - Avalon

Working together, the integration between King & Union Avalon and CrowdStrike empowers security teams to easily visualize and enrich threat intelligence from CrowdStrike within a single Avalon workspace. Avalon is the first platform built to combine link analysis, collaboration and reporting processes into a seamless flow - streamlining the investigation process and helping analysts work more efficiently.

Stay ahead of adversaries with an advanced, scalable joint solution that enable customers to seamlessly integrate CrowdStrike’s Falcon Host and Falcon Intelligence into ThreatConnect’s platform. By integrating CrowdStrike and ThreatConnect you will be able to view and validate IOCs from Falcon Intelligence as well as discover and investigate both current and historic endpoint activity with Falcon Host.

Stop breaches and gain threat knowledge with the integrated solution from CrowdStrike and ThreatQuotient. ThreatQ incorporates high fidelity threat intelligence from CrowdStrike’s world-class intelligence team including information on threat actors and attributions, to build adversary profiles to jump start hunting and remediation initiatives.

ThreatSTOP and CrowdStrike’s joint solution moves even faster thanks to security automation. New and emerging IoCs discovered by CrowdStrike can be added to firewall and DNS rules at machine speeds, outpacing threat actor efforts to avoid detection and mitigation. Complete your continuous 360-degree breach prevention with a proactive network-layer of threat defense, perfect for securing IoT and agent-less clients.

Integration with CrowdStrike enhances the Armis platform's native discovery capabilities for a more complete, reliable asset inventory of managed, unmanaged, IoT, medical, and OT devices. CrowdStrike adds additional context to device details in the Armis asset inventory including BIOS information, OS details, and device type model and manufacturer.

Endpoint protection leader CrowdStrike and industrial cybersecurity leader Claroty have partnered to deliver a complete ICS security solution powered by an extensive IT/OT threat signature database and a first-of-its-kind ICS asset discovery and enrichment functionality that provides comprehensive IT/OT visibility rapidly, safely, and without the need to connect to industrial networks.

Gain visibility and early warning into industrial threats in industrial control system/operational technology (ICS/OT) environments by leveraging endpoint data collected by the CrowdStrike Falcon platform in IT environments, before threats can pivot into OT critical systems.

Combat endpoint and network threats targeting traditional and IoT devices. This enables joint threat hunting and automated incident response to help protect against data breaches, improves security hygiene and reduces mean time to respond.

Healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) gain visibility of all devices in their network in a “single pane of glass” with the integration of CrowdStrike Falcon and the Medigate Device Security Platform (MDSP) to perform comprehensive risk management, posture assessment, anomaly detection and policy enforcement for their entire connected endpoint landscape.

Why CrowdStrike?

The CrowdStrike Technology Partner Program provides an opportunity for innovative partners to join CrowdStrike’s robust partner ecosystem in order to build best-in-class integrations for our joint customers.


CrowdStrike is recognized by customers, analysts and industry peers as redefining security for the cloud era with an endpoint protection platform built from the ground up to stop breaches


The cloud-native Falcon platform, powered by technology, intelligence and expertise, makes it possible for you to work with CrowdStrike to improve protection and truly stop breaches

Customer Base

Organizations around the world have turned to CrowdStrike to provide powerful, innovative defense against today's sophisticated attacks

Program Benefits

The CrowdStrike Technology Partner Program benefits are based on the level of investment and commitment provided by the partner. When you develop integrations using CrowdStrike APIs to leverage market-leading endpoint telemetry, you gain access to many additional benefits:

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  • Access to Partner Tools:

    The CrowdStrike Partner Portal with marketing and sales resources and to a "not for resale" instance and APIs for use-case driven integration development to accelerate customer adoption

  • Access to Marketing:

    Use of CrowdStrike logo, development of joint marketing assets, visibility on CrowdStrike website and invitation to selected CrowdStrike-sponsored events

  • Access to Sales Tools:

    Joint collaboration on Better Together sales enablement assets including joint value proposition and identifed use cases and invitation to sales trainings

What Our Partners
About Us

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“By implementing Zscaler and CrowdStrike’s integrated solutions, our joint customers are able to leverage Zero Trust access principles and enforce least privilege access using identity and content of the user regardless of where they are.”

— Amit Sinha, President, Chief Technology Officer, Board Member

“Netskope and CrowdStrike share a commitment to deliver the highest levels of protection across the threat landscape. Our customers benefit from comprehensive threat protection across cloud and endpoint, using shared threat intelligence, and fast, secure access to applications from anywhere.”

— Brian Tokuyoshi, Director of Product Marketing, Platform and Threat

“Sumo Logic and CrowdStrike's integrations provide key insights for Security Teams to quickly identify and respond to threats. We have strong synergy and our teams collaborate in the field to support our customers/partners to provide an unmatched security solution.”

— Jabari Norton , VP WW Partners & Alliances

“Together Proofpoint and CrowdStrike are transforming security programs while providing unparalleled protection for email, the number one threat vector, and endpoints. Our customers achieve multi-layer threat protection and get expanded insight into threat actors targeting them at no additional cost.”

— D.J. Long, Vice President, Strategic Alliances & Business Development

“Vectra's Cognito integration with CrowdStrike combines valuable context from the network and the endpoint to paint a comprehensive picture of an active cyberattack. ”

— Kevin Kennedy , Vice President of Product Management

“With a committed product and coordinated go-to-market strategy dating back to 2017, the alliance between Forescout and CrowdStrike is a proven better-together approach that transforms how customers protect their network against cybersecurity threats. ”

— Amy De Salvatore, VP of Business Development & Alliances

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