CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security

The industry’s only runtime-first data security solution

Discover, classify, and protect data in all states as it flows through your cloud estate.

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Complete unified data protection

From DSPM to cloud data loss prevention.

  • Complete data discovery in seconds

    Instantly catalog all databases, managed and unmanaged as well as used and unused.

  • Continuous data security posture & risk management

    Continuous monitoring of data risks, including sensitive data exposure, mishandling, unauthorized access, and networking issues.

  • Proactive data loss prevention

    Continuous data flow monitoring defends sensitive data against loss, theft, misuse, and unauthorized access.

    Automated discovery and cataloging

    Discover active and shadow data in under 60 seconds through runtime analysis, at-rest data scanning, and cloud scanning. Instantly catalog all databases, both managed and unmanaged as well as used and unused. Leverage LLM-powered classifications to identify sensitive structured and unstructured data, including PII, PCI, and PHI.

    Continuous monitoring of data risks

    Contextual root-cause analysis to determine the location of sensitive data, who can access it, its usage, and security status. Streamline remediation with built-in CLI commands and extensive integrations with collaboration and ticketing management tools.

    Complete data access control

    Granular map visualization of sensitive data depicts identities, accounts, and access permissions with proactive identification and flagging of overly permissive or risky access.

    Real-time policy enforcement

    Real-time enforcement of data access policies for least privileged access, providing tight controls over which identities have access to specific data.

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