Container Security Data Sheet

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CrowdStrike Container Security

Providing DevOps-ready breach protection for containers

Full Lifecycle Container Protection For Cloud-Native Applications

Organizations are increasingly adopting container technology such as Docker and Kubernetes to help drive efficiency and agility. Containers have changed how applications are built, tested and utilized, enabling applications to be deployed and scaled to any environment instantly. As container adoption increases, they emerge as a new attack surface that lacks visibility and exposes organizations. Blind spots lead to silent failure and ultimately breaches. Most organizations have low container visibility for the following reasons:

  • Traditional security tools are not designed to provide container visibility
  • Tools such as Linux logs make it difficult to uniquely identify events generated by containers vs. those generated by the host, since visibility is limited to the host
  • Containers are short-lived, making data collection and incident investigation challenging because forensic evidence is lost when a container is terminated
  • Decentralized container controls limit overall visibility


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