Unify Your Cyber Defense Strategy
to Prevent Modern Attacks

A frictionless and adversary-focused approach to stopping modern attacks like ransomware and supply chain breaches

Modern attacks are a two-part problem

Code Execution

Adversary executes code on a single system to gain foothold and persist in the network.


Adversary leverages credentials to access and execute code on multiple systems - enabling attack progression through lateral movement.

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CrowdStrike prevents modern Attacks

In modern attacks, the adversaries constantly evolve their tactics to infiltrate and propagate the attack from anywhere in the cyber kill chain.

Stop Breaches with a Unified Endpoint and Identity Protection Strategy

CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Protection

Stop code execution and protect against all threat vectors, not just malware - even when computers and servers aren’t connected to the internet.

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CrowdStrike Falcon Identity Protection

Protect identities and stop attack progression to protect against all identity-based attacks in real time with frictionless, risk-based conditional access

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Leverage 24/7 Expert-Managed Detection and Response

CrowdStrike Falcon Complete is the first and only fully-managed endpoint and identity protection solution to stop code execution and attack progression in minutes.

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Operationalize Identity Protection Faster

Detect and mitigate identity-related security incidents by deploying and operationalizing Falcon Identity Protection faster with CrowdStrike Identity Protection Services.

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Stop modern attacks with the CrowdStrike Falcon Platform

  • Stop ransomware with complete attack path visibility and security context, across endpoints and hybrid identity stores (AD, Azure AD)
  • Stop lateral movement and protect against RDP attacks, interactive logins, and privilege escalation in real-time
  • Reduce complexity and false positives for SOC teams: Improve the mean-time-to-detect-and-respond with hyper-accurate detections across endpoints, identities, and workloads
  • Reduce MFA fatigue: Enhance user experience with frictionless, risk-based conditional access based on user behavior and risks and endpoint security posture
  • Improve security coverage by extending multi-factor authentication (MFA) to any resource or application, including on-premises, legacy, and proprietary systems and tools like PowerShell
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One Platform. One Fight.


Powered by the CrowdStrike Security Cloud

The world’s largest unified, threat-centric data fabric. Rapid deployment and scalable architecture.


Hyper-accurate detections and automated protection

Superior protection against modern attacks. Reduced complexity and immediate time-to-value.


Frictionless, risk-based

Adapts to dynamic shifts in device and user risks, and adversarial tactics. Improves user experience.