Chopping Packets: Decoding China Chopper Web Shell Traffic Over SSL

Chopping packets: Decoding China Chopper Web shell traffic over SSL

Introduction The Chopper Web shell is a widely used backdoor by Chinese and other malicious actors to remotely access a…

The Future Of Privacy, Data, And Cyber Crime And Its Impact On The American Business Dream

The Future of Privacy, Data, and Cyber Crime and its Impact on the American Business Dream

There is absolutely no doubt that the world is changing more quickly now, thanks to technology, than at any other…

Best Practices For Protecting Healthcare Sector Networks And Data

Best Practices for Protecting Healthcare Sector Networks and Data

If the Target breach was the wake-up call to the retail sector that cyber security was no longer just an…

Surgeon With A Shotgun! – Memory Forensics

Surgeon with a Shotgun! – Memory Forensics

With the ever-increasing need for speed and accuracy for digital investigations and incident response, it is imperative that organizations are…

In The Cyber Security World, At Least, Sharing Is Caring

In the Cyber Security World, At Least, Sharing is Caring

Since the President’s State of the Union address and February’s Executive Order on Cyber Security there’s been a lot of…

Magic 8 Ball Says “Outlook Good” For CyberSecurity Collaboration And Legislation In 2015

Magic 8 Ball Says “Outlook Good” for CyberSecurity Collaboration and Legislation in 2015

As we all know, cybersecurity is very hard to legislate. Everyone agrees on the overall principle, but when it comes…

Parsing Sysmon Events For IR Indicators

Parsing Sysmon Events for IR Indicators

Intro and Installation A dedicated endpoint monitoring tool is quickly becoming a necessity among organizations to increase visibility, logging, and…

Cyber Kung-Fu: The Great Firewall Art Of DNS Poisoning

Cyber Kung-Fu: The Great Firewall Art of DNS Poisoning

Wing Chun (咏春拳), the first Chinese martial art learned by the legendary Bruce Lee, is often best known for its…

Lessons Learned From A Cautionary Tale Of Corporate Destruction

Lessons Learned from a Cautionary Tale of Corporate Destruction

Last year, the global IT security industry spent over $70 billion and produced over 80 categories of products to protect…

CrowdStrike’s 2014 Global Threat Intel Report: Know Your Adversary And Better Protect Your Network

CrowdStrike’s 2014 Global Threat Intel Report: Know Your Adversary and Better Protect Your Network

Every day cyber security teams vigilantly deploy tools, monitor networks to detect malware and protect them against adversaries. But, is…


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