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Network Scan for OpenSSL Vulnerability


  • MD5 00f5e6b2934a2a9209426bd2532a9289

  • SHA1 682bdbab93ddf12f4b6ea1d6a8eed0bb5e05960c

  • SHA256 a0458609066659e73a237b2f2b745ac2f199f4d5c46a4718b78bc01ff809ead6


  • MD5 bfdd0cf53159ae8fc7683c34994bdb0f

  • SHA1 5dfb6a054990bfe601d7be1b64fcaf710250313d

  • SHA256 e036174c43adf49f0bbb052d2ab0fc085e2ce6a83303014ddfa950d22765b878

Free OpenSSL Heartbleed Vulnerability Scanner

How To Read

Details of usage and reported results can be found in the About section of the tool once launched.

How To Install

There is no installer for this tool. Simply unzip the contents of the downloaded ZIP file into a location of your choosing and launch it directly from there. Similarly for uninstalling; simply delete the file(s) you extracted by moving them to the Recycle Bin or permanently deleting them. It is possible there may be a very small number of elements that remain in the Registry. There can be safely ignored or manually deleted by using a registry editing tool (e.g. regedit) and navigating to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\\CrowdStrike or HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CrowdStrike and noting the name of the tool there and removing the branch.