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Active Directory — The “Keys to The Kingdom”


Best practices in assessing the security of your Active Directory infrastructure

Active Directory is typically the primary system that attackers go after once they gain initial access into an environment. They scan and leverage Active Directory to perform reconnaissance, escalate privileges, access data and persist in the environment. Simply put, Active Directory contains the “keys to the kingdom” and if not well protected, it can compromise the security of any organization.

This webcast, “Active Directory, The Keys to The Kingdom,” offers insights into why Active Directory attacks occur — including how a lack of visibility and control over your Active Directory infrastructure can leave your organization susceptible to attack. You’ll also learn the other factors that can increase your risk of an Active Directory attack including the role IT hygiene plays in strengthening defenses. The webcast offers guidance on how to identify attack vectors and provides insights and best practices that can define the role of Active Directory security assessment in mitigating and remediating these damaging attacks.


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