Protecting Against Endpoint to Cloud Attack Chains

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Security Consistency from Endpoints to Workloads

Maintaining security consistency across our own data center and public cloud environments, along with the use of multiple cybersecurity controls are major challenges that organizations face today that not only increase costs and complexity, but also create silos, leaving major security gaps.

Join Doug Cahill, VP of Analyst Services and Sr. Analyst at ESG, and David Puzas, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at CrowdStrike in a webcast discussion.

This CrowdCast will cover:

  • Current security challenges
  • The different attack types
  • How to leverage visibility and threat intelligence to achieve security consistency from endpoint to workloads, and everywhere in between

Featured Speakers

Doug Cahill

Vice President, Analyst Services and Senior Analyst

Vice President, Analyst Services and Senior Analyst Doug Cahill covers cybersecurity at Enterprise Strategy Group, drawing upon more than 25 years of industry experience across a broad range of cloud, host, and network-based products and markets.

Prior to joining ESG, Doug held executive leadership positions at cloud and endpoint security firms where he launched market-leading products and established strategic partnerships. Over the course of his career, Doug has served in product management, marketing, and business development roles for storage management, networking, and database vendors, and started his career in IT as a business analyst.

Doug has written for Dark Reading and The Cipher Brief and has been quoted in CyberTrend, The Wall Street Journal, CRN, Network World, and other publications.

David Puzas

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Security

David Puzas runs Product Marketing for Cloud Security at CrowdStrike. He is a cybersecurity, cloud and IT services marketeer and business leader with over two decades of experience. Charged with building client value and innovative outcomes for companies such as CrowdStrike, Dell SecureWorks and IBM clients world-wide. He focuses on the optimization of computing innovation, trends, and their business implications for market expansion and growth. David is responsible for strategically bringing to market CrowdStrike’s global cloud security portfolio as well as driving customer retention.


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