Security that Scales with Development


Scaling Security to Meet the Demands of Modern Software Development

Organizations are modernizing their software development processes leveraging cloud services to increase productivity and innovation to better serve their customers. While developers are enabled to provision their own infrastructure, efficiently build applications, and continuously release and update them in the cloud, security teams need to ensure that they can mitigate security risk even as development increases the speed and volume of software releases.

In this session, get the latest research on developer-focused security and learn how to build an effective security strategy to manage your security posture as development scales.

Featured Speakers

Melinda Marks

Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

Senior Analyst Melinda Marks covers application and cloud security at ESG, helping organizations scale safely while adopting faster cloud-native development cycles. Her coverage area includes cloud-native application protection platforms, cloud workload protection, cloud security posture management, DevSecOps, and application security, including web application security testing (SAST, DAST, IAST, SCA) and API security.

David Puzas

Director, Cloud Security, CrowdStrike

David Puzas is a proven cybersecurity, cloud and IT services marketer and business leader with over two decades of experience. Charged with building client value and innovative outcomes for companies such as CrowdStrike, Dell SecureWorks and IBM clients worldwide. He focuses on the optimization of computing innovation, trends and their business implications for market expansion and growth. David is responsible for strategically bringing to market CrowdStrike’s global cloud security portfolio as well as driving customer retention.


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