Ransomware for Corporations Gorilla Guide

How Best To Defend Your Corporation Against Ransomware

If you want to hold someone’s data for ransom, it helps to go where the money is, which is why enterprises have been consistent targets for Ransomware operators. Many enterprises are caught up in broadly scoped trawling of new vulnerabilities, however, it’s not uncommon to find specific companies or market verticals targeted by specialists.

How enterprises respond to information security compromise events — the majority of which will be ransomware attacks — must evolve. In order to evolve, however, enterprise leadership needs to under- stand the problem.

This Gorilla Guide can help you with that. It’s full of information you need to defend your organization from these attacks, and is focused on the special needs of corporations. In these pages you’ll learn all about ransomware, how it works, why it’s expanding, and ways to protect your organization from the ravages of this scourge.


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