The Maturation of Cloud-native Security: Securing Modern Apps and Infrastructure

2021 ESG Cloud Security Report

How an Integrated Defense-in-depth Platform Fills Gaps in Inconsistencies, Misconfigurations and Visibility

More than ever, organizations are grappling with how to secure cloud-native applications. Composed of a combination of containers, virtual machines, APIs and serverless functions, protecting these applications from development to runtime requires reworking the approach many organizations take toward security.

In a new survey from CrowdStrike and Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), 88% of respondents said their cybersecurity program needs to evolve to secure their cloud-native applications and use of public cloud infrastructure, with many citing challenges around maintaining visibility and consistency across disparate environments.

In this eBook, you’ll:

  • Learn about cloud-native security challenges and how maturity gaps result in inconsistency, misconfigurations and visibility gaps
  • See the cloud-native threat landscape and the need for an integrated defense-in-depth strategy
  • Discover how the requirement for breadth of coverage and depth of functionality is leading the consolidation of point tools into integrated platform modules


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