Cybersecurity, Evolved. Why it’s Time to Consolidate.


45 is the average number of security tools managed by today’s enterprises. And the average time it takes an attack to move laterally is less than 80 minutes. When considered together, these stats exemplify why cybersecurity consolidation is necessary.

Disparate security tools increase overall risk for organizations. Detection, investigation and remediation is disjointed, puts strain on internal resources and ultimately increases the chances of a breach. It’s time to start thinking about centralization and consolidation.

Join our CrowdCast to hear expert perspectives from a VP, CISO and CTO as they discuss:

  • How the threat landscape is driving the need to evolve cybersecurity solutions and why endpoint security is still foundational
  • Why consolidation, or a platform approach, provides superior security outcomes, improves operational efficiencies and cost savings
  • Key considerations for identifying and building an ecosystem of trusted partners

Tina Thorstenson, VP, Industry & Executive Strategist at CrowdStrike
Nir Rothenberg, CISO at Rapyd
Ohad Bobrov, CTO and Co-Founder at Talon

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