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How to Automate Threat Intel with CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence

January 2, 2021

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This document and video will demonstrate CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence and the benefits of automating threat intelligence.


Automated File Submission

CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence is designed to automatically provide detailed malware analysis that is integrated as part of the alert to help analysts save time and make effective security decisions.

Below, we see a Falcon prevention event that also resulted in a quarantined file.

falconx detection

As we scroll down in the details pane, we see that the quarantined file was also sent to the sandbox for analysis.  That happened automatically with no intervention from the administrator.

falconx sandbox analysis


Malware Analysis

We immediately see useful context from the CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence analysis directly in the UI.  In addition to the summary risk assessment, you have the option to download both strict and broad Indicators of Compromise (IOCs).  You can also open the complete sandbox report.  It provides additional analysis details including the threat level and score. There are three options to drill further into the report:  Report Summary, Network Activity, and Advanced Analysis.

falconx sandbox report

Under “Report Summary”, you can view the risk assessment and get information on related malware from the “Malquery” section. This information comes from CrowdStrike’s extensive malware database and can help organizations understand if this attack is part of a larger initiative or if they have been the target of similar attacks in the past. If not, the information can be used to get proactive in protecting against the related files in the future.

falconx report summary

Actionable Intelligence

From the sandbox report, there is also an option to download IOC’s related to the analyzed malware. Those could include things like known bad domains or IP addresses. That information can be used with other security tools to block access to known bad sites via firewalls, web content filters or IPS devices.

falconx download ioc

For malware with actor attribution, there is a pivot to open the complete actor profile and better understand who is attacking your organization. The actor profile contains additional IOC’s for the actor including known Command and Control servers and IPs.  In many cases, you will also see a list of commonly exploited vulnerabilities.  This information can help you ensure your environment is patched and protected from a targeted bad actor attack.

falconx actor


CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence fully automates the analysis process, incorporates threat intelligence, and yields actionable intelligence information.  It provides greater context so that security analysts can be faster and more effective as they learn from attacks and strive to protect the larger organization.

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