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How to use the CrowdStrike Message Center with Falcon Complete

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In the event of a breach, every second counts making good communication imperative. In many cases teams struggle with asymmetric information, or not everyone having access to the same information at a critical time. This delay in sharing information can prevent defenders from taking proper, timely action when faced with an emerging threat. 

Falcon Complete, CrowdStrike’s Managed Detection and Response service, simplifies the communication process through a centralized location directly in the Falcon Console. Making detailed detection information instantly available to those who need to understand threats and to take action. 



The Message Center serves as a central hub for collaboration between CrowdStrike analysts and our Falcon Complete and OverWatch customers. It provides a secure UI for bi-directional communication about emerging incidents as well as ad-hoc questions directly within the Falcon console. Keeping communications close to the Falcon data provides maximum efficiency, ensuring that the full context associated with emerging threats is never more than a click away.


Managed services dashboards provide at-a-glance visibility into the day-to-day activity that CrowdStrike performs on behalf of the customer, including trends and insights. Dashboards may be fully customized to meet the unique needs of any organization.

Message Center Dashboard

Message Center

Fast access to CrowdStrike experts is embedded throughout the Falcon console. This helps analysts to more quickly understand threats, and get fast answers to their cybersecurity questions.

Message Center - main

Bi-directional, secure communication with CrowdStrike experts happens directly where you want it: within the Falcon console. Clear indicators and tracking of any outstanding actions required of the organization to fully resolve ongoing incidents or questions, so nothing falls through the cracks or gets lost in an email thread or PDF report.

Falcon Complete Communication


CrowdStrike’s Message Center enables frictionless, transparent, and secure communication with CrowdStrike managed services, delivering real-time insights and collaboration when and where they do the most good.

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