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As many employees have transitioned to work from home, there has been another shift in the hosts and operating systems being used to conduct business. While some groups, like sales, continue to use their primary laptops, more traditional office based roles have had to employ different devices and even operating systems. IT Departments have scrambled to issue new or potentially re-purposed devices to meet the sudden demand.


Protection for All Devices

While these changes in location and operating systems introduce a number of challenges, security teams must remain vigilant. To maintain a strong security posture in today’s threat landscape, security teams need endpoint solutions that meet key requirements.

  1. Fast Scalability and Deployment – As new devices are rolled out, it is critical that the endpoint security solution can quickly scale to support additional hosts. 
  2. Reliable Protection – Adversaries evolve and leverage relevant topics, like COVID-19, to take advantage of unsuspecting users through malware, phishing attacks and ransomware. Endpoint protection must be effective against all types of threats – known and unknown.
  3. Consistent Security – Segmented point products place extra burden on security teams and leave the potential for gaps in coverage. Companies need an effective solution that supports all operating systems and workloads – on premise systems, remote devices, cloud instances and virtual machines.


CrowdStrike’s endpoint protection solution is built to support a distributed workforce. As a cloud delivered platform, there is no hardware or infrastructure to scale. Adding new managed hosts is as simple as deploying a single, lightweight agent. The CrowdStrike agent supports Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems to provide one reliable, consistent solution for all devices. Once installed, that agent provides immediate protection using machine learning, behavioral detections and threat intelligence with no need for complex tuning or signatures updates.  All managed hosts including on premise hardware, remote devices and cloud workloads are protected regardless of location or network connectivity. With CrowdStrike, the security team benefits from having a single user interface for all of the administrative functionality including managing hosts, policies and events for all hosts and operating systems.

CrowdStrike provides organizations with scalable, reliable and consistent endpoint security. As a proven leader in endpoint security, CrowdStrike is certified to replace legacy solutions and regularly validated in third-party testing such as MITRE.


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