Securing Mobile Devices for a Remote Workforce


Around the globe, IT teams are rapidly adapting to evolving security requirements. This includes transitioning employees to remote workers and implementing unconventional work-from-home programs that may require employees to leverage their own personal devices for work. Mobile devices provide remote workers convenient, instant access to business applications anytime and anywhere. However, business data stored or remotely accessed by mobile apps greatly elevates the risk of malicious activity and accidental data exposure. 


Protecting Corporate Data on Mobile Devices 

Access to enterprise applications from mobile devices has expanded beyond traditional email and contacts to include business-critical enterprise applications (such as Salesforce, Workday and ServiceNow), exposing potentially sensitive data on mobile devices. Nearly every large enterprise has implemented a mobile device management solution to remotely control, track and encrypt devices, but they fall short of providing security. So how can we empower the security team to help keep business data safe and personal information private?




CrowdStrike® Falcon for Mobile™ is based on CrowdStrike’s proven endpoint detection and response (EDR) technology for enterprise endpoints. Leveraging the cloud-native CrowdStrike Falcon® platform, customers can stop breaches on every workload: workstations, servers, cloud, containers — and mobile devices.

Falcon for Mobile enables security teams to detect malicious, unwanted or accidental access to sensitive corporate data on iOS and Android devices without impacting device performance.  Providing EDR on mobile requires an innovative approach to gain deep telemetry needed to identify risky app behavior.  On Android, CrowdStrike uses a unique containerization approach, embedding and protecting business apps and their data, while providing in-depth behavioral telemetry. On iOS devices, Falcon for Mobile detects subtle clues in runtime and network activity to identify the most sophisticated nation-state attacks.

Falcon for Mobile is built using “privacy-by-design” principles to enable users to confidently adopt the solution, by focusing on customer-designated, corporate apps with no monitoring of personal applications on the device, such as text messaging, email, photos or browsing history.


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