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Security Operations

January 15, 2021

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Falcon For Security Operations

CrowdStrike for Security Operations
CrowdStrike Message Center for Falcon Complete and OverWatch
Assessing the Sunburst Vulnerability with CrowdStrike
How to Integrate with your SIEM
Five Second Enterprise Visibility
How to Contain an Incident
How to Remotely Remediate an Incident
How to Hunt with CrowdStrike Falcon®
How to Manage a Host Firewall with CrowdStrike
Falcon Flight Control for Segmenting Falcon Administration
Application Hygiene for a Remote Workforce
Host Firewall Protection for a Remote Workforce
How to Manage USB Devices
How to Speed Investigations with Falcon Forensics
How to Navigate Falcon Discover
Monitoring File Changes with Falcon FileVantage

Falcon Spotlight

Using Falcon Spotlight for Vulnerability Management
How Spotlight and Real Time Response Facilitate Emergency Patching
Prioritize Patching with Spotlight’s Exploited Vulnerabilities Feature
Vulnerability Management for a Remote Workforce
Vulnerability Patching for a Remote Workforce
How to Use Custom Filters in Falcon Spotlight
How to Use Scheduled Reports with Falcon Spotlight
How to Use Falcon Spotlight’s ExPRT.AI
How to Automate Workflows with Falcon Spotlight

Cloud Security

How CrowdStrike Increases Container Visibility
How CrowdStrike Secures Cloud Workloads
How CrowdStrike Provides Visibility for Cloud Security
Cloud Security Posture Management with CrowdStrike
How CrowdStrike’s Container Security Works
How Identity Analyzer Improves Cloud Security
How Falcon Horizon Secures Cloud Storage
How to Monitor Compliance with Falcon Horizon
How to Secure Identity Services with Falcon Horizon
How to Secure Amazon EC2 with Falcon Horizon
How to Operationalize Falcon Horizon
How to Avoid Identity Service Misconfigurations
How to Monitor Virtual Machine Security
How to Monitor for Cryptomining in the Cloud
How CrowdStrike’s Intel Improves Cloud Security
How to Create Custom Cloud Security Posture Policies

Expanding Security Operations

How to Automate Threat Intel with CROWDSTRIKE FALCON® INTELLIGENCE
Threat Intelligence the CrowdStrike Way
How to use Falcon Indicator Graph
How to Leverage the CrowdStrike Store
How to Use CrowdStrike with IBM’s QRadar
How to Integrate CrowdStrike with ServiceNow
How to Integrate CrowdStrike with AWS Security Hub
How CrowdScore Increases Efficiency
Custom Alerts for IT Hygiene
How to Leverage Falcon Sandbox Analysis
How to Create Workflows with Falcon Fusion
Create Automated Workflows with Pre-Built Playbooks

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