Security Operations

Falcon For Security Operations

CrowdStrike for Security Operations
Prioritize Patching with Spotlight’s Exploited Vulnerabilities Feature
Fast Response to Sophisticated Threats: OverWatch Incidents
How to Get Visibility into AWS
Using Falcon Spotlight for Vulnerability Management
How to Integrate with your SIEM
How to Leverage Falcon Sandbox Analysis
Five Second Enterprise Visibility
How to Contain an Incident
How to Remotely Remediate an Incident
How to Hunt with CrowdStrike Falcon
How to Manage a Host Firewall with CrowdStrike
How CrowdStrike Supports MSSPs and Large Organizations
Vulnerability Management for a Remote Workforce
Vulnerability Patching for a Remote Workforce
Application Hygiene for a Remote Workforce
How to Use Custom Filters in Falcon Spotlight

Expanding Security Operations

How to Automate Threat Intel with Falcon X
Threat Intelligence the CrowdStrike Way
How to Find the Spectre and Meltdown Vulnerabilities Using Falcon Insight
How to use Falcon Indicator Graph
How to Leverage the CrowdStrike Store
How to Use CrowdStrike with IBM’s QRadar
How to Integrate CrowdStrike with ServiceNow
How to Leverage CrowdStrike Integration with TrueFort
How Falcon for AWS Protects Cloud Workloads
How to Integrate CrowdStrike with AWS Security Hub
How CrowdScore Increases Efficiency
How CrowdStrike Secures Cloud Workloads
How CrowdStrike Provides Visibility for Cloud Security
Cloud Security Posture Management with CrowdStrike

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