Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing Microsoft to Protect Workforce Identities

Focus on scale, coverage, complexity and efficiency

You have to secure your workforce identities immediately, to protect your organization from modern attacks like ransomware and supply chain threats. Your environment could be just Microsoft Active Directory (AD), or a hybrid identity store with AD and Azure AD, and it’s important to have a holistic view of the directories and a frictionless approach to securing them.

If you’re considering Microsoft to secure your identities and identity store (AD and Azure Active Directory), you should ask these five questions:

  1. How do I get unified identity threat protection across my on-premises AD and Azure AD?
  2. How can I best detect and stop identity threats that leverage authentication protocols?
  3. Will the fidelity of attack detection and prevention change if my enterprise is not a 100% Microsoft environment?
  4. How can I apply MFA on on-premises resources and applications? / How can I best protect legacy systems and applications?
  5. How can I accelerate my Zero Trust journey with reduced complexity, and also protect my existing investment around IAM tools and SIEM and SOAR solutions?

Download this brief to learn more and understand Falcon Identity Protection solution’s advantages over Microsoft.


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