Cybersecurity for the SMB

This informative discussion addresses why SMBs are increasingly a target for cyberattacks, including how opportunistic adversaries are automating attacks and distributing them at scale.

When a large enterprise organization gets hit by a data breach, no one wonders why it was targeted. However, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) may feel safer, thinking they aren’t on the radar of today’s sophisticated adversaries. According to CrowdStrike VP of Managed Services Austin Murphy, that would be a big mistake.

A new interview, “Cybersecurity for the SMB,” features Murphy offering cybersecurity advice and insights based on his years of information security leadership in both the private and public sectors. When it comes to SMB security, Murphy argues that if your organization depends on IT systems to conduct business, you will eventually be the target of an attack, regardless of your size. This interview discusses vital topics for SMBs such as the current state of SMB cybersecurity, the challenges smaller organizations face in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape and common mistakes Murphy sees SMB organizations making.

Read this interview to learn:

  • Why SMBs should not feel insulated from cyber threats just because they are small
  • The threats and threat actors that are most likely to target SMBs and the common tactics they use
  • How to jump-start your SMB organization on a path to better cybersecurity protection


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