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Cyber Intrusion Services Casebook 2018


Stories from the front lines of cybersecurity in 2018 and insights that matter for 2019

This year’s Cyber Intrusion Services Casebook continues to shine a light on how quickly attackers can gain access into an organization. This means that security stakeholders from CISOs and SOC managers to incident responders must also evolve their security to ensure resilience in the face of today’s sophisticated attacks.

This webcast, drawn from real-life engagements and presented by the experts who investigated them, takes a deep dive into the advanced and ever-evolving tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by today’s most dangerous attackers. During this webcast, you’ll learn the strategies employed by the CrowdStrike® Services team as they quickly neutralize and remove damaging threats from real-world victims’ networks.

The key trends and takeaways discussed during this webcast include:

  • There is no slowdown in adversaries’ invention and brazenness
  • Attackers operate quickly and at depth — waiting patiently to achieve their objectives
  • Attackers are often hiding in plain sight

Join this webcast for an in-depth discussion of these topics and learn how your organization can better safeguard its sensitive data and assets. Get guidance on how you can evolve your security planning to meet the challenge of today’s attackers and their stealthy, constantly changing tradecraft.