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State of the Endpoint: The Buyer Mindset


Where is endpoint security headed? How do your priorities and capabilities compare to those of your peers?

As the battle against breaches rages on, many enterprises are focused on revamping their endpoint security strategy – from enhancing efficacy to reducing complexity and agent bloat. A new webcast, “State of the Endpoint: The Buyer Mindset,” discusses the current state of endpoint security and offers insights from an all-star panel of thought leaders, including Internationally recognized cybersecurity leader and CrowdStrike Co-founder Dmitri Alperovitch, VP of Product Marketing Dan Larson, and other experts as they discuss today’s most important security issues. Join them as they explore the findings from a new research report, “Trends in Endpoint Security: A State of Constant Change,” a study conducted by ESG and commissioned by CrowdStrike and other technology vendors. The panel will provide their impressions of the data in the survey and how the viewpoints revealed mesh with current technology trends, offering insights that can help inform your security strategy going forward.

Join this webcast to learn:

  • The current state of Antivirus (AV) including how many organizations are choosing to change vendors and why
  • Best of breed vs. comprehensive suites – which approach do your peers prefer and what are the advantages and challenges of each?
  • How solutions are affecting endpoints and your IT Security peers, including the increase in agents installed and the impact of increased complexity